Northwest Suburban Chicago IMA Chapter


President's Message!

Dear NWSC IMA Members,

Hi and welcome to the Northwest Suburban Chapter (NSWC) of the IMA. Our mission mirrors that of the IMA. We encourage professionals and students in the fields of accounting and finance to build professional relationships and share industry experience while gaining the potential to access career opportunities. All while enjoying good food, a little education and a lot fun! Did I mention that attendees also receive CPE credits?

The Northwest Suburban Chapter will be offering technical meetings throughout the year. These meetings will cover a variety of topics, and we hope to see you at all of the meetings! As a group, we recognize the time and dedication that you give us through attendance, and we appreciate it. Please remember that we hold our technical meetings on the fourth Thursday of the month. Please periodically check the schedule, as we are working on a few surprises for this year.

I would also like to introduce you or re-introduce you to your Board of Directors. All of them are incredibly dedicated individuals who bring unique skill sets to the board, whether that particular skill is Michael's ability to pull off the most amazing feats or Dan's ability to organize a wonderful event. Sara's superpower is she keep's us young, she is also our go to IT person and provides us with fresh, new ideas, Rich keeps us organized, Vito looks after the members and much more. Vicky is our Treasurer, however she really keeps us centered. The common thread is a shared passion for the chapter. This is an incredible group!

The Northwest Suburban Chapter prides itself on knowing and sharing in our membership accomplishments. We want you to know we have nearly 200 members and in this day in age we should all be in touch. The NWSC is a wonderful group of professionals and students that bring knowledge, dedication, and youthful enthusiasm. We are planning a fantastic year, and we want you to join, and, if, at any point, you want to hop on board, let us know. As the website says, this is your group!

Thank you,

Jennifer Grosse
NWSC IMA Chapter

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